KTM-X-Bow R 2011 800x600 wallpaper 01

The KTM X-Bow R has been completely revised and even if the new developments of the KTM X-Bow R are not obvious at first glance from its outward appearance, a lot of things have been changed around the carbon monocoque. The engineers did not restrict themselves to improvements to the engine. In fact there have been improvements in all other relevant components to ensure that an optimal performance can be achieved. And that is because the customers had clearly expressed their wishes that the super sports car that many of them want to take to the racing circuit weekend after weekend, should be even more extreme, even faster and even more powerful.

And what the customer wants is what KTM delivers. In 2011 the product range of the super sports car with the carbon monocoque includes the KTM X-Bow R, the most powerful version yet developed. The "R" is the result of concentrated further development of this spectacular lightweight sports car. In the rear of the "R" is a 300 hp 2.0 Liter TFSI engine from Audi with a maximum torque of 400 Nm and this ensures an unbelievable driving experience both on and off the racing circuit, because naturally the KTM X-Bow R is homologated for use on the road.

At the German premium carmaker Audi, KTM chose one of the most efficient and powerful engines with a 2.0 litre displacement. This is all about an engine block that was used by the Ingolstadt-based company for a long time in the S3 model and which generated up to 265 hp. there. It was later also used in the TT-S with 272 hp. For use in the KTM X-Bow R, the reinforced block has a bigger turbo, an altered fuel injection system and the engine electronics have been additionally updated by Bosch Engineering Group (BEG). This means that the performance not only increases to 300 hp but also the torque: to be exact 400 Nm are set free at 3,300 revs and results in a very smooth torque curve which provides impressive drive in all situations.